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The cloud revolution is opening up new opportunities for organizations to embrace emerging technologies, rethink business models and improve the lives of employees and customers, but it also has a darker side – increased security risks.

The recent Accenture case is a harsh reminder of how organizations today must apply strict data governance controls. According to Upguard Security, highly critical data assets including security secret API data, authentication credentials, certificates, decryption keys, customer information and more, were stored on exposed AWS S3 buckets.

Today, security professionals must increasingly strike a balance between overseeing routine business needs and managing long-term security risks. Just as the cyber threat evolves, so should the governance and policies associated to it.

CloudSense is the world first AI-driven data governance platform. Its out-of-the-box security policies allow the security team to automatically detect and mitigate exposed sensitive data, as happened in the Accenture incident.

Cloud governance is central to D.Day Labs’ offering, and we are committed to making sure that sensitive data will not fall into the wrong hands.

For more information: https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/10/accenture-four-servers-sensitive-data-unprotected/

AI is key in unlocking and protecting the value of dark enterprise data. But what exactly dark data means? CIO insights sheds light on the term:


Shedding Light on the Problem of Dark Data

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